Abdominal pain

What are the symptoms of abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain is pain that is felt anywhere from below your ribs to your pelvis. The pain can vary, and may:

  • be sharp, dull, stabbing, burning, twisting or cramping,
  • be mild or severe,
  • be brief, come and go, or be constant, and
  • make you want to vomit.

You may also experience other symptoms, such as bloating, constipation, wind, belching, fever, heartburn or nausea and vomiting.

What causes abdominal pain?

Not all abdominal pain is caused by issues of the digestive tract. Your doctor will ask several questions to try and determine what is causing the pain.

Some of the causes of abdominal pain include:

  • appendicitis,
  • Crohn’s Disease,
  • IBS,
  • intestinal obstruction,
  • menstrual pain,
  • food intolerance (such as gluten or lactose),
  • gallstones,
  • hepatitis,
  • hernia,
  • kidney infection

The good news is that, while abdominal pain can be serious, most gets better on its own without any special treatment. However, if your symptoms get worse, keep coming back, or are ongoing, it’s important to see your doctor.

Should I be concerned about abdominal pain?

You should seek immediate medical care if you experience:

  • severe pain,
  • bloody stools,
  • high fever (over 38°C),
  • yellowing skin or eyes,
  • difficulty breathing,
  • prolonged constipation,
  • loss of appetite, or
  • unexplained weight loss.

Find out more about abdominal pain

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